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As wannabe travel journalist superstars, Jessie and I often find ourselves with incessant queries firestorming our e-mails. We decided to select a few of the most common ones, and share them with you, our dutiful readers. Enjoy.

1. What is the fanciest place you’ve gone to the bathroom?

Jessie: I once unleashed my bladder in this decadent restaurant bathroom in Rome, Italy. They had flowers all over the bathroom, so I, of course, took pictures there. I captured wonderful memories by the toilet, near the stainless steel sinks, etc. The worst place I went to the bathroom was also in Italy. It was a hole in the floor, but there was no actual toilet. Just a hole. And places for your feet on either side. On the plus side, it was a great quad workout.

Gina:  Probably in the “Paris” casino in Las Vegas. There were satin couches, many golden fixtures, and even a mysterious lady who expected tips for giving you soap. Upon noting this unfamiliar bathroom person, I smiled at her nervously, accepted the soap and shuffled out the door.  I felt a brief twinge of sorrow for her. Then I proceeded to watch my mom win a bunch of nickles. Jackpot.

2. What is your quirkiest quirk?

Jessie: I like to clean the toilet in my bathroom. It’s satisfying. When you scrub with that little brush, the bowl looks so sparkly with every scrub, it’s like your peeing on a porcelain statue.

Gina: When walking with a significant other (often holding hands), I do not like to split poles (or signs, trees, etc.) with them. We must walk on the same side, or it’s bad ju-ju. And I do not mean juice.

3. Why?

Jessie: Do I do the things I do? Because I can. And so far not too many people have yelled at me. Directly, anyway. I prefer behind the back.

Gina: Wouldn’t you like to know.

4. With which Harry Potter character do you most identify?

Jessie: Hermoine obvi. As if there was another choice. I mean, I may be a journalist, so you may be under the mistaken impression that I am Rita Skeeter-esque, but that is a lie. Hermoine is bold  and brassy and smart as hell. Not to mention, accio Ron! I will marry him.

Gina: A mix of Professor Lupin (I’ve got a hidden dark side), Dumbledore (I know what’s best for everyone) and Crookshanks (I smell evil and try to eat it.)

5. Theme song?

Jessie: I would say “Positivity” by Stevie Wonder. I play that diddy every morning when I’m barely conscious to get my groove on. Singing in his deep soulful bass is surprisingly within my range. In high school, I always sang tenor. My musical director would always tell “Jessie and the boys” to sing the low part. I have mad skillz.

Gina:  Probably that song that Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks sing and dance a the end of that movie, “Life Size.” With flailing arms, you know, “shine bright, shine far, don’t be shy, be a star!”

6. What is your biggest pet peeve?

Jessie: I am a grammar nazi. I know, I know, they are the worst. I blame my father, who used to pay me if I could repeat a story without using the word like. I hate when people say “I did good” when they really mean “I did well.” My boyfriend now says it just to bother me, but now, it’s going to turn into a habit and he’ll never break free of it and then I’ll have to beat him up.

Gina: The fact that bunnies are not affectionate is a crime against humanity.

7. What famous photo do you wish you could photo bomb?

Jessie: I want to be in that famous kiss between that navy man and his lady where he has her in a hardcore backbend. I want to be positioned so that you can just see my eye and raised eyebrow between their foreheads. Trying cropping that out photoshop!

Gina:  You know that Dorothea Lange photo from the Depression? With that leathery lady and dirty kids? I’d love to be in the background with oh, say, an Xbox and some cheetos.

8. What are your thoughts on school? Yay or nay?

Jessie: Yay, I love it. Nerd to the max a million. But some days school impedes journalism and this just seems silly to me, If school is supposed to train me to be a journalist, why do classes allot no time for actual journalism outside of class.

Gina: Annoyed with school, love education. Especially when it’s enjoyable. Noteworthy examples include The Magic School Bus and Wishbone. But not Bill Nye the Science Guy. He was just weird.

9. What is your signature dance move?

Jessie: I’ve coined “the flail.” It’s like a full body spasm but your arms have to be above your head waving nonsensically, and your legs have to bent in so you look knockkneed. People may think you are actually seizing, but don’t let these haters get in the way of your jam. (See below)

Gina:  It doesn’t have a name, but I would classify it as the snap n’ sway. Or, sometimes my friend Zach just throws me around and we call it dancing. (See below)


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