Posted by: 2girls2europe | June 20, 2011

Trauma: Will We be Separated on an International Flight?

Dearest Readers,

Short blog. Jetlegg-ed. I have that back of the brain tired, where you’re seriously concerned you will fall asleep in the middle of what you are doing … and not wake up. Anyways, this is an ode to the girl in 38B on our Delta flight to Heathrow.

We were about to board our flight to London, and I asked Gina her zone. [insert horror music crescendo-ing in the background.] We aren’t in the same zone even though we booked our flights 2 months in advanced. We have been … separated on our international flight.

Gina is in 38A, I am in 23C. I am freaking out. I can’t sleep on the shoulder of a stranger. I will cry. I will fake cry to make 38B person move. I find myself boarding on to seat 23C, seated next to two high school girls.

They tell me that they are flying to Rome with their high school tour group, but they have been delayed 3 days in New York without their baggage. They had spent the year fundraising for a trip that had been cut from 10 to 6 days.

And here I was whining about not sitting with my friend on the way to London (my flight was wonderfully on time).But I still stalked those who walked past my seat, because even if my problem was petty, I wanted it solved STAT! And suddenly, I saw it.

A girl with the ticket 38B.

She had the the golden ticket!!!!!!! (That song was playing in my mind the whole time this traumatic experience occurred.)

I blurted out, “Are you traveling alone?” I said this without forewarning after having creeped on her boarding pass. Because creeping on fellow passengers is totally normal and accepted behavior (nawt).

She looked at me confused and stammered, “Yes?”

I then launched into my tragic woeful tale and she agreed to switch without hesitation. I wanted to kiss her feet, give her a medal, anything!

Don’t worry, dearest readers, because I did learn you can’t have your cake and eat it too. The personalized tv at my seat didn’t work. Which may seem petty, but it’s a long flight … and they had 30 Rock. My screen was trapped on a mildly creepy picture/ad of a hospital, and even when it rebooted, it didn’t work for the duration of the flight. I watched my neighbor watch a rom com (He was a 50-year-old man), while I sat twiddling my thumbs.

But I decided that in the grand scheme of things, when you are sitting next to your travel buddy on the way to freaking backpack through Europe and that is your only problem, I consider myself pretty lucky. (Though, I did pick up my luggage and the lock had been broken so that I couldn’t turn to my combination. I eventually wrenched it open, but I was like … how do I explain this to TSA? How do I prove it’s actually mine?)

We are hoping this is the last of our problems, because we have had a wonderful, almost jet leg free (till now) day. Thanks for following 🙂 (ps. this is instead of mocha monday because we found this story more humorous)





  1. jet *lag* – (sorry) – HAVE FUN!

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