Posted by: 2girls2europe | June 26, 2011

VIP Pass: Inside the House of Lords, Whaaat?

People don’t normally allow me to enter fancy-pants buildings. They take one look at my “hole-y” jeans, beat-up tennis shoes and all around snarky attitude, and are like, “Oh ain’t no way. Not this girl.”

[insert “Street Rat” song from Aladdin here.]

So much to my surprise, when Jessie and I entered the House of Parliament for our private SUPER SECRET tour, I did not end up twiddling my thumbs out on the street. I kept my uncouth nature in check for long enough.

Words are hard.

Via top secret encrypted e-mail, his Lordship Sir Leslie Griffiths of Burry Port told us to go to the entrance by a statue of Richard I on a horse near a little portico. There, we had to tell any policeman that we had an appointment with him and they would let us inside. And they did–it was as easy as airports before 9/11. Those Brits, so trusting.

After walking through this “secret” entrance, we met a man who looked like a Jeeves. We informed him of the appointment we had with his lordship–oh yeah, we’re legit–and he helped us through the astonishingly little security.

For a few minutes we hung out in the cloak room, watching Baronness Importantladythis and Lordship I’mbaldingthat find their rain gear and discuss the daunting weather outside. We couldn’t help but feel a little like intruders. I kept expecting someone to quizzically ask me, “Um, how did you get in here?” This, of course, never happened. I ran away from anyone who tried to speak to me.

As you already know from Jessie’s post, our tour included sitting in on a House of Lords debate. Now you might be thinking that this is, you know, NBD as the kids say. But we probably made an appearance on the British C-SPAN. I think it’s called QUEEN-SPAN. Either way, we’re pretty much famous. Move over, Amy Winehouse.

Speaking of famous–our tour guide, Leslie? He was the king of modesty. He’s rubbed elbows with Tony Blair, the Queen, and Barack Obama, but shrugs them off like everyday happenings. Yeah, me too, Les. Me too.

Jessie and I left Parliament in a state of shock and awe. And George W. Bush was nowhere to be seen!

All in all, the experience certainly caused intense bouts of giddiness in us for the next few hours. We are adorable nerds.

One of these days I hope that my home country will do me the same favor, and let me have a SECRET tour of the White House. Prez Obama, I’ll even wear nice pants, and stop saying the f-word so much. I swear.


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