Posted by: 2girls2europe | June 27, 2011

Have Some Haggis: A Short Scotland Update

Dearest Readers,
We have so much to tell you about Dublin and Edinburgh!!!
But it’s almost 1 a.m. and Jessie’s number one priority=sleeping. (Sometimes it even trumps breathing.)
Anywhoo-zle, all you need to know is that Dublin is beautiful. We went to a side town called Howth that is gorgeous and full of cliffs and classic Irish looks. I think I am going to have to come back and do a full tour of Ireland with more cliffs. It is so peaceful, and Gina and I love things we can appreciate without knowing to much history. Furthermore, we took a five hour walking tour through the city, and I now know more about Ireland than I ever thought possible. Quiz me.
Edinburgh is the prettiest city yet. It’s full of castles. Like we keep just stepping out the door and there is another castle-like building. Yay hurrah. It’s like a giant I Spy a Castle book. I am pleased.
So far today, we arrived and ate Haggis (we actually liked it), and befriended this old guy bartender. We went to stand-up comedy, which was shockingly good for the fact that they advertised it as newbie stand-up comics. Then we went back to where we ate dinner and saw live music. This rail-thin, jet-black hair, eccentric man played the best music on the banjo/guitar/harmonica all by himself. He could also sing. Needless to say, we now own his cd.
We can’t wait for more adventures tomorrow!!!
With love from Edinburgh!




  1. Love the post but where’s Gina. Did she melt in the rain or evaporate. She was in such peril the last time she wrote, we are worried about her.

    • She is still alive, no worries. But I caught that witch, reference Tom. And I don’t forget these things.

  2. “ate Haggis (we actually liked it)”

    I suppose that was before you knew what goes into it?!

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