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The Sexiest Cities (Landscape-Wise): The Best of Dublin and Edinburgh

Dearest Readers,
So I decided that you haven’t heard much about what I am up to lately … so you are all pretty upset. You probably can’t go on with your lives without knowing. Never fear, Jessie is here! I am going to tell you about my favorite day in Dublin and my favorite slew of things that we have done in Edinburgh. That way, hopefully, you can all sleep peacefully. (Below is how I am feeling most of the time while I am here….but to be honest, I mostly included this picture because I like it. Yay for narcissism!)

Look I'm Happy!!!

Our favorite day in Dublin is a day that we didn’t actually spend in Dublin. We took a train to a small cliff village called Howth. It’s exactly what you imagined Ireland would be (if you are a girl, picture the pertinent scenes from P.S. I Love You, if you are boy, picture the same scenes that your girlfriend made you watch).We took a 3-hour hike with kids from our hostel, and we not only saw beauty but we made friends! That is what we call a win-win.

In front of the cliffs!!

We scaled (okay scaled might be a slight exaggeration) a small mountain, where we could see endless ocean littered with small green islands. I told Gina that the world must be flat, because the water seemed to go on forever, so it must pour off the edge at some point.

Yee Old Cliffs

The cliffs were deep brown and covered in seagulls that swooped over our heads and down to the rock-laden beaches. With small wildflowers growing along the path, we were literally in quintessential Ireland. It was magical. We met the aforementioned Belgians on this tour, and spent hours chatting by the port in Howth eating fish and chips.

My dad’s former boss lives in Dublin, and she took us to the fanciest dinner of our entire European trip. We ate delicious seafood and delectable desserts (I had the lemon tart with raspberries…oh emm geee). She chatted with us about life and our thoughts on traveling, and we all drank wine. All in all, Gina and I felt very sophisticated.

Then, the Belgians led us to a cute little pub/bar where we all laughed and took pictures and I felt oh-so-very-successful in the friendship-making department.
Now we move on to Edinburgh! Edinburgh is just the prettiest city ever and it is full of Harry Potter references. Like, can you even believe it???!! Those are two of my favoritest things. (Yes, I realize favoritest is not a word, but go with me people.)

The Edinburgh Castle towers over the skyline, and we spent hours sitting atop the Castle tower (the Castle sits on a dormant volcano) looking out over the city just oohing and aaahing over the domed buildings and intricate architechture. Our hostel is in this really central location so everything is within a five minute walk.

Hey look it's a castle!!

Yesterday night, we met a few fun Canadians at dinner (who were just finishing their travels, so they had tons of advice to share), and they invited us on a ghost tour through Edinburgh. It wasn’t the sort of hokey ghost tour where people dress up like Twilight-inspired vampires and try to jump out at you from behind trees.

Edinburgh by night!! isn't it gorgeous!

Instead, it was a series of stories about Scotland that are particularly creepy told at night while walking through graveyards. We learned about men who poisoned their wives, gravediggers, and witches who were burned at the stake.
It was wicked cool, and they gave us a free drink at a pub afterward where we laughed and chatted with our new Canadian and Australian friends who we met on the tour.

Today, Gina and I took a free walking tour, and then we went to the Scotland National Museum. We went because we heard there was a glass exhibit, but we stayed because we found THE CHILDREN’S SECTION!! If you haven’t already figured it out, Gina and I are 5-year-olds trapped in the bodies of twenty-somethings.

Needless to say, we drove fake racing cards. (We stood in line for 10 minutes behind several toddlers.) We pulley-ed up our body weight on these weird machines, and we tested our reflexes in an odd video game akin to Whack-A-Mole.

I'm an intense indy-racer....duh

As a side note, the glass exhibit was lame. And I love glass stuff. It was just a small collection and kind of a snoozer.

Harry Potter Sidenote: We saw the cafe where J.K. (we’re clearly on a first name basis) wrote the first few books, the castle that inspired her, and a cemetery that has a grave for Tom Riddle. Gina and I nearly pooped our pants with excitement. Harry Potter may be our single greatest combined obsession.

me with harry potter castle in the background. i'm clearly floored.

Tomorrow, we head to Berlin, and best of all, we are staying with a friend of mine. (He will be a famous composer someday, btw.) We can’t wait to tell you all about it.
With love from Edinburgh (but nearly Berlin)!


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