Posted by: 2girls2europe | June 30, 2011

Edinburgh: The Megan Fox of Cities

For the amount of things I don’t like, I should really be a critic. Just ask my sister—every time we talk about movies or books she cynically informs me that I “hate everything.”

Now, I wouldn’t go that far.

But I also wouldn’t say she’s completely off base.

With such an understanding, I must say… Edinburgh seeped gorgeousness. Every building seemed to embody some kind of childhood fairy tale reverie or grand medieval painting. If Edinburgh were a female, she’d be a fox. (See what I did there?)

Oh my stars, so purty.

And as an American with little understanding of Scottish history, Edinburgh’s beauty just made everything all the easier to enjoy…and pay attention to on the walking tour. Every corner we turned, cutesy little shops painted in pastels would pop up, or a grand church, beautifully blackened with centuries of raindrops (fallin’ on my head).

“They should really spruce that up with a powerwash or something,” Jessie said, of the one.

This one.

Sometimes I wonder what passersby think of us when they eavesdrop on our conversations. That’s a blog post for another day.

Beyond the aesthetic beauty of Edinburgh, it also encapsulated a bit of our childhood—it represented the beginning of a tale that enchanted us for years growing up.

Yep, that gal pal of ours… J.K. Rowling and that crazy kid Harry Potter.

According to the front of “The Elephant House,” a local café, on the tops of their quaint little tables began one of the greatest children’s stories of our generation.


According to our tour guide, Rowling denies it.

At any rate, we took pictures in front of it.

Another beautiful aspect of Edinburgh? The story of Greyfriars Bobby. Sounds like a pirate story or maybe a war hero tale, right? Nope. He was actually a little Scottie dog who, according to legend (aka cannot be trusted) visited his master’s grave every for 13 years after he passed.

I think this is precious. Jessie hates dogs.

At any rate, you might disagree with me, and argue that many other cities in Europe beat out Edinburgh for prettiest city, but so far, it takes the sexy cake in my book. 4 stars.





  1. I say you’re insulting Edinburgh by comparing it to Megan Fox. Who looks like an alien, and not the good, sexi Navi kind. Besides, Transformers has new eye candy now: Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (and she’s from the UK! much more fitting).

  2. I’ve been pondering which city takes the sexy cake in MY book. . . . I haven’t quite decided. The Sexy Cake is not an award lightly given.

  3. In reality I think you don’t actually disapprove of everything you purport to disapprove of. Snarky little cynic, you.

  4. You’d think the birthplace of Harry Potter would at least have a .com domain name.

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