Posted by: 2girls2europe | July 2, 2011

2 Girls 2 Europe, a Beginner’s Guide

By: Objective Outsider, guest commentator

2girls2europe have survived nearly two weeks of their adventure. They’ve laughed, they’ve cried, they’ve…[information omitted for the sake of their parents’ sanity].

One of the biggest lessons they’re learning as they roll from city to city—is that while their personal travel preferences may differ, they coalesce into an unstoppable adventuring machine. Most of the time. Let’s grab a little snapshot, shall we?

Meet Jessie.

Cheezin' fo reals.

With her Let’s Go Western Europe in one hand, and itinerary in the other, she’s all about the activities. Essentially, Jessie is the only reason the girls get anything done on this trip. Before the plane’s wheels have fully lifted from the ground in one place, she’s researching the various museums, touristy sights and pubs of the next. When in doubt, Jessie has NO FEAR of asking someone. Be they cashier, clerk, uniformed police officer, passerby, small child, cracked out homeless man (just kidding on that one, folks), if Jessie doesn’t know where to go/how to get there/how to do it, by George, she’ll ask.

Her fun phrases include:

“What are we doing next?”


“Let’s ask someone.”

Meet Gina.

Totes ornery.

Totes ornery.

Don’t be fooled by that bah-humbug  look she has on her face—she can be pleasant…now and then. With Gina’s spunky attitude and general cynicism about humanity, she evens out Jessie’s overzealous trust in the good of humanity. Her motto? Trust no one except yourself. Whether she’s exploring new places, buying coffee or meeting new people, Gina’s skepticism-painted face keeps everyone on their toes. She also prefers wandering around new cities, enjoying the sights and experiences as they come, without a set plan. When she can.

Her fun phrases include:

“That man looks creepy.”

“Let’s figure it out ourselves.”

“What a rip off.”

But no matter the differences this power team has, their similarities really allow them the ability to coexist and travel without total apocalyptic disaster.

For those of you who might meet the girls, I’ve included a few rules for interaction.

  1. Do not speak to either one right after they have woken up. You risk having to internalize feisty comments, mean attitudes, and all-around snark.
  2. Tell them how great their jeans look on them, especially with that “I’ve been wearing these for two weeks straight because it’s been so damn cold” butt-saggy, baggy look.
  3. Buy them food. They will shower you with compliments.
  4. Never assume that they know basic European culture and facts. They grew up with American history education, after all.
  5. DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES tell them where they should/should not/ought to avoid/need to go, etc. especially if any of these include Eastern Europe. They know. Doing so may result in more severe forms of the responses listed in rule 1.

As the girls continue on their quest for European Enlightenment, we can only imagine the foibles, faux pas and funnies they will produce. Personally, my fingers are crossed that Europe survives them. We can hope.



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