Posted by: 2girls2europe | July 2, 2011

The Same Bed as Gina: A Real Life Nightmare … and Other Berlin Lessons

Dearest Readers,

First off, I must start by saying that Berlin is a freaking cool city. (I know you all are only reading this because you think that it will be about the cray-cray-ness of sleeping with one Gina Edwards, but we’ll get to that soon enough.)

We met my friend Tommy, who is a composing major in college, for our time here in Berlin. He is an amazing and hilarious kid, and he graciously offered to hang out with us and house us (he is a brave soul!).

So the first day we took a 3-hour free walking tour around the city. The city has history/some significant building/some significant sign around every corner. It’s unbelievable. There are beautiful arches, delicate opera houses, and of course, the Brandenburg gate.

I think I learned more history in that 3 hour tour (yes I made a lot of Gilligan’s Island jokes) about the World Wars than I had ever learned before (I have never been more glad that I took AP European history, because I could at least follow what he said).

The most interesting thing we saw was the Holocaust Memorial. Gina and I always joke and mock what we pass, but not this. It was a series of concrete boxes that rise and fall at various haphazard intervals.

You walk in and the concrete pillars, smooth, gray and bare, are at your thighs, but by the time you reach the middle, they are twice your height. Each pillar is a perfect rectangle. They are all the same width, but vary in height.

I walked, noiseless for once, and touched all of the pillars. I touched them for those who want to visit here and for those who the memorial commemorates. It was a really powerful experience.

Once we moved past those, we ate dinner and headed to the dress rehearsal of the Berlin Philharmonic. Which, if you did not know, is basically the best symphony orchestra in the world.

This outdoor concert venue was beautiful. Tommy had magically managed to score tickets for us and his composer friends. And there we sat, entranced, watching these incredibly talented musicians go—their bows flying like pens on a page.

Honestly though, the best part was this little girl with black curly hair who danced to every single song. She swayed with the music and twirled and sashayed around the grassy area below the stage. She even bowed after every song with the musicians. Hilarious (and Gina and I were tempted to join her).

Now for the part you have all been waiting for: sleeping in the same bed as Gina Edwards. And not just any bed folks, a twin bed. In case you didn’t notice, we are two lanky ladies, and I, for one, need perfect conditions to sleep.

As an aside, Tommy took the floor of his own room so that the two of us could have the bed. So really, my complaints are secondary to Tommy’s, who won’t admit it, but he is basically sleeping curled up in a dog bed.

Anywhooozle, I learned the first night in Berlin (two nights ago) that Gina likes to encroach on personal space while sleeping. I fell asleep and awoke several times to find her closer and closer to me.

Finally, I was pressed against the wall with about 1/5th of the bed, while Gina had conquered the rest. I tried to nudge her over … nothing. I tried to tap her … nothing. Finally, I woke her up, and I was like Gina, MOVE OVER.

She felt terrible (she can’t help how she sleeps). Then I went back to sleep and woke up because she had just tossed her arm over my person. She had just flailed and landed there. I whipped it back over to her.

By morning, I thought I was going to just push her to the floor and take the bed for myself. But never fear, readers, last night, I held my ground and could sleep in the same bed without problems. At least she doesn’t snore. (I hate mouth noises.)

That’s all for now readers.

With love from Berlin!



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