Posted by: 2girls2europe | July 3, 2011

The Best of Berlin: New Underwear, Nugat Bits and Long Dinners

Dearest Readers,
I am currently train-ing through the German countryside. It’s beautiful. Lush and green and dappled with architectural surprises like elegant churches and small sets of vintage-y houses.

People speaking in German surround me. (People keep thinking I speak German for some reason, and when I give them my best ummmm-whaaaaat face, they turn away disappointed.)

But somehow, amidst the flurry of languages, the bustle of the train, and my sleep-deprivation, I am at peace. I feel like I am finally getting this constant travel thing down.

I can’t pinpoint when or how. It might be because I just stayed with a very close friend from home, and I can’t help but be happy in his presence.

Tommy and me in front of the Brandenburg Gate

Or it may be that I am finally learning to relax and not jam-pack every day with activities. Because if you do that, then you will pass out and be permanently stressed and who wants that? Or it may be that Gina and I packed Nutella to-go. It could be any of the above.

We have just left Berlin (we stayed an extra day), and it was one of our favorite stops, because we let ourselves slow down. And best of all….we bought new underwear!!! [insert the hallelujah chorus here]

Seriously people, not to get graphic or anything, but let’s just say all of my underwear has been worn … both inside and out. So it was high time to either do laundry or buy some new panties.

So there we were in Berlin, with a million things to see, staying with a male, and all we wanted to do was go to the mall. And, God bless him, he was more than happy to take us (if you see Tommy please give him a pat on the back for us).

I honestly don’t think I have seen the two of us happier than on that bus ride to the mall. We have worn our jeans every single day of this trip (they are two sizes too big now…I could be on a fad diet commercial). And we have worn every shirt at least twice. It’s foul.

We entered H&M, and you would have thought we were starving children seeing a feast for the first time. I think I teared up.

I walked out with a pack of underwear, one new shirt (I threw one out to buy this one), a new bra (Gina bought the same one…now we have matching undergarmets! Woot!), and a belt (seriously, I hugged it). This all cost 37 Euros, which is a crock, but they were all actually necessities.

Then the three of us went back to Tommy’s and had our favorite new snack in the world: Nugat Bits. It’s a type of cereal. A magical, life-changing type of cereal. It’s little nuggets filled with Nutella. We ate an entire box between the three of us in two days flat. Without any milk involved.

After a short nap, we headed to a nice long dinner. We ordered a bottle of wine (I love being able to do this), and we all had some form of schnitzel. None of us really know what schnitzel is even now, but it was yummy (not to mention a huge amount of food).

Mine also came with eggs and ham. I think I am set on protein for the rest of ever.

This is the egg/ham/schnitzel platter

We all chatted about life and death and our thoughts on religion and our futures. And I couldn’t help but think to myself, this is living. In a foreign, gorgeous land with good friends, a bottle of wine, and deep discussion. And of course, the fact that I was finally wearing new underwear definitely helped.

With love from Berlin!


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