Posted by: 2girls2europe | July 8, 2011

Dresden: Spectacular Views….and Wine for 2 Euros

Dearest Readers,

We are now in the Czech Republic! Woot! We managed to make it to our gorgeous place of residence even though Gina took a nose dive into concrete (she is fine don’t worry) and we can’t figure out the currency (we paid like 1,000 czech dollars for residence related things and they have coins worth 50 czech things … so confusing) and the trains are unclear. But luckily, we maintained high spirits, because Dresden with Julie was such fun!!!

She is such a wonderful host (as all of our hosts have been). On Wednesday she took us to dinner in this old Cigarette Factory that looks like a beautiful Mosque and looks out over the whole city. Then we watched the sunset in the Zwinger (which is like this amazing courtyard palace thing) and talked about life. It’s moment like those that make this trip.

Look at that!!!

Then Julie took us on a day trip to Bastei, which is a mountain village. And you climb this mini-mountain thing, and all of the sudden it’s the most amazing view. When you reach the first look out, everyone just stops talking. It’s that stunning.

Below you is the River Elba and directly in front of you are lush green mountain ranges dappled with terra-cotta topped houses. In the distance, you can see a palace on a far out mountain.

View from the Front!!

When you reach the second lookout that faces the opposite direction, there are magnificent gray rock formations. It’s such untainted beauty (save for the lookouts and a bridge). It was so utterly peaceful.

View from the other side

When we were talking about the day to friends of Julie’s, one put the feeling into words perfectly, “Didn’t you just feel like … how can I even exist among all of this beauty? How is this even possible?” That pretty much sums it up.

Next, we headed to the market to purchase the best Dresden find of all: 2 euro wine. Is that a joke? Heck yes! And of course I picked up some 1 euro Nutella. It has become my snack food of choice while traveling.

Julie and her friends took us out to a club. Yes, I know you all must think we are club veterans by now, since we have been in Europe for nearly three weeks and we are so dazzling and crazy. But most nights, we just pass out of tiredness (we’re still cool I swear!!)
But going out with a big group of girls was great. We got all gussied up and drank 2 euro wine, and got in for free because it was ladies night. It was very claustrophobic and foggy and sweaty. But it was such fun.

And just as we fell in love with Dresden, we moved on to Prague. So here we are, scrappy and tired but ready for adventure.

With love from Prague!



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