Posted by: 2girls2europe | July 9, 2011

The Evolution of Travelers, or How Jessie and I Haven’t Killed Each Other Yet

I love Jessie.
Now I know what you’re all thinking. You think this is Jessie, posting as Gina, dedicating a whole post to how amazing and wonderful she is.
Well, I promise you, this is not the case.
I (Gina Theweena Edwards) write this post today in response to a question that our most recent (and truly amazing) host Julie queried:
“So how well did you two know each other before you decided to travel together?”
At this, Jessie and I shot one another sheepish glances, and murmured something like “Oh, somewhat,” and “We have mutual friends,” etc. etc.
To this, Julie replied, “Wow, that was a gamble.”
And you know, it was (is?). Traveling with one other person (especially one with whom you’ve never even had a sleepover or a road trip or anything) was definitely risky. And I am not a gambler. Even though I’ve been to Vegas at least twice. Again, another blog post.
Anywho, so this trip has made Jessie and I best buds. Like, I might even fashion her a friendship bracelet in the near future. Don’t tell her that I don’t know how to make a friendship bracelet.

Just yesterday she acted as my paramedic (don’t freak out, Mom). We had just disembarked from the train station, figured out which tram that would take us to our hostel, saw it approaching, began walking briskly to ensure that we make it, and low and behold, I completely BEEFED it, 30-pound backpack and all. Tumbling in what I’m sure looked like slow motion to the rest of the world, I tried to regain balance but my pack has clamped down on me like a homeless person on a penny. I could hear my skin scraping against the gritty pavement and the world toppled around a bit.
Well there went my elbow looking pretty for the next couple weeks.

The injury.

Once I reoriented myself, I found Jessie perched at my side.
“Are you okay, are you okay, are you okay,” she breathed.
I murmured something like, “Yehletsget…tram.”
Once we safely made it on the tram, Jessie gasped at my bleeding elbow, mentioning the first aid kit she had in her backpack and patting my arm.
I was more concerned about the state of my laptop.
What a champ, that Jessie.

This is all to say… that I don’t think I would have made it this far without her. Maybe sometimes we don’t speak during breakfast. Maybe other times Jessie cuts off my sentences. And still, maybe other times I tell her in a very condescending tone that yes, Jessie, this is the right train, and no this isn’t where we need to disembark…it’s the next stop.

And we make it through.




  1. “I was more concerned about the state of my laptop.”

    Oh do I know that feeling. Sorry to hear about your boo-boos but….seriously. How is the laptop?

  2. so i guess you weren’t kidding. i had a lot higher expectations for that logo of yours.

    thanks for being great one-day friends. you’ll be glad to know that i found some “antialergic” pillows at the Tesco MY yesterday.

    hope the ČR was everything you wanted and more. i patiently await your post on the state of the sock market in Praha. best of luck in the rest of your travels.

  3. @ Alec: The laptop is alive and well! Seriously though.. I was bleeding all over the place and my most constant thought was. “Oh Sweet Jesus, not my Macbook!”

    @ Jordan: Thanks for finding us! And don’t hate on the logo. I am so glad you let us know about the pillows, it was keeping me up at night. 😉

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