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Prague: We didn’t really like it … but we learned about socks

Dearest Readers,
I am sure that Prague has redeeming qualities. I just don’t think that we found them while we stayed there. Translation: We didn’t like Prague. [insert shocked gasp of endless travelers who have told me that Prague-is-like-so-life-changing.]
These people probably traveled during the off season/before it became freakishly touristy and they probably didn’t stay in a hostel located directly above a club that closes at 7 a.m. Let me repeat that for emphasis. 7 a.m. More about this later.
And just to be clear, this is Jessie typing, the eternal optimist of the pair, not Gina the, well…realist. And worst of all, Prague was one of the places I was most looking forward to going. I prioritized Prague, and begged for a 3 nights stay. Well, you know, we all make mistakes dearest readers.
For starters, we arrived to Prague and I don’t think I unclenched my butt muscles until we were on the train bound for Austria. While a great glute workout, it was due to stress. There was an uncomfortability to Prague that I can’t quite explain.
Upon arrival, we swam through a sea of tourists to get on the claustraphobia-inducing tram to get to our hostel. Then when we tried to explore the city, we could barely move in the crowd of of oh-let-me-get-a-picture-of-this-important-building tourists. (To be fair, we didn’t know why they were important either, but at least we didn’t gawk at them while blocking the street like everyone else.)
Yes, readers, I know this is my angriest post yet, but don’t worry, we did have some fun in Prague, and now we are headed to Austria a day earlier. We learned the valuable travel lesson that when you don’t like a city it is okay to leave. So don’t worry readers, this story has a happy ending.
When we finally decided to go to sleep, we realized our room was positioned directly over an all night club. Like, it was so close that we could hear every word of every song. We had our fellow hostel-ers walk into the room, and they agreed, it was like a never-ending, unwanted party in our room. Lovely.
In case you didn’t already know this about me: I am the girl who sleeps with the fan on, because every passing motion wakes me, and I even spent years as a child sleeping with both an eye mask and ear plugs. So you can imagine my glee upon learning of this sleeping arrangement.
Suprisingly, I got more sleep than Gina. But on night number two, I awoke at 4 a.m. (the party was still raging of course) and we chatted, read and surfed Facebook. I eventually fell back asleep at 5, but Gina slept a total of 2.5 hours that night.
Luckily, the days went better than the nights. The first day we arrived, we realized we weren’t going to like the city, and planned to leave early. So for our full day, we did a 3-hour walking tour.
The city is impressive, but it doesn’t quite live up to the hype when littered with tourists. It’s sort of like when everyone recommends a movie, so you get all pumped, but then when you see it, it’s kind of a let down. And you start to wonder, if you hadn’t gotten all pumped would the movie have been such a disapointment?
Luckily, we made friends with a fun couple of people on our tour. And we, I should say I, became extremely fascinated by people’s socks.
As our new friend explained, socks say a lot about you, and our tour guide was wearing these truly awkward ankle socks. And then I started noticing how common it is for people to wear socks with sandals in Europe. Why is that a trend, and this begs the question: what do your socks say about you??
But I digress. With these new friends, we spent the afternoon touring the Prague Castle with them. I do have to say, in Prague’s defense, that while the Castle itself was lame, the view from the top was spectacular. You could see the city unfold beneath you.
Gina spotted a cool wall full of stalactite-esque rocks, so we visited a non-touristy, really cool garden.
We made dinner in our beautiful hostel kitchen (see, it wasn’t all bad), and made friends with our hostel neighbors. All in all, we made the best of the city, and I am still glad we saw it, because I would have gone in my lifetime anyway.
I hope that others who go really love the city. I am sure if we had committed ourselves to loving it, we could have found non-touristy corners and plenty of fun things to do. But when we are sleep-deprived and feeling uncomfortable and we have Austria coming up next, we decided Prague wasn’t for us. And there is nothing wrong with that.
Now we are on 7 hours worth of trains to Salzburg, Austria!
With love from Prague, but moreso from Austria!



  1. I know the feeling. Just know that the fault doesn’t lie with the city, and that under better circumstances, you might’ve had a wonderful time. Hope the next stop is better. šŸ™‚

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