Posted by: 2girls2europe | July 11, 2011

Salzburg: So Much Beauty and Harry Potter Tomorrow Night

Dearest Readers,
So as if we haven’t been to enough beautiful places, we had a tour through Salzburg today. To give you an idea of where we are the Sound of Music was filmed here. It’s mountainous, and I have spent the day singing songs from the musical … much to Gina’s chagrin.
We started the day by sleeping in for the first time in weeks. Then we wandered to the grocery store to save some moneyz, and finished breakfast just as our host returned home to take us on an epic tour.
Our host, Felix, didn’t even take five minutes for himself when he got home. He just wanted to show us the city with his adorable girlfriend Stephanie.
The two of them led us down the store-lined streets. All of the stores have to have quaint little signs hanging down over the alley.
As a side note, the weather was perfect. I would guess around 73 degrees fahrenheit (still don’t know about this Celsius business) and little humidity.
But back to activities. After getting some advice from facebook friends, we tried Mozart Balls, which are essentially truffles. Milk chocolate filled with soft marzipzan. Salzburg is Mozart’s birthplace, just to make it cooler.
To add to the sugar rush, they took us to this Willy-Wonka-like chocolate shop. Little conveyer belts delivered samples of various chocolate concoctions. All of the bars have little pieces of art on the wrapper.
I bought a dark chocolate filled with nougat bar. The wrapper is deep midnight blue with a single penguin in the corner standing beneath the night sky holding a star. It says “Fur Dich (with the little dots over the u)” on it, which means “For You.”
Stephanie asked me if I was buying it for my boyfriend, and I sheepishly admitted that no, I was buying it for me. But I ate it in his name! This bar is for you Travis!
Then Felix and Stephanie led us through a nice square with a giant chess board and a giant golden orb (I’m still not quite sure what the meaning of the orb is …). There was an olden time horse-wash, which basically means it’s a carwash for horses. Cool right?
They then took us up this small mountian/large hill that looks out over the entire town of Salzburg.
It’s awe-striking.
We are walking along a fortress looking out over the terra-cotta topped houses and the large mountains that surround the town. I feel Gina and I are getting to beauty overload. How can we see any more without exploding?
For dinner, we had traditional German/Austrian dishes at an authentic restaurant at the base of the mountain. I had potato dumplings with eggs in salad, while Gina had pasta pockets (pasta filled with cheese and onions). It was one of our favorite meals thus far.
We were swooning with Salzburg loving as we walked along the river back to Felix’s. To top it off, we found out that we could see the Harry Potter premiere in English nearby Felix’s!
Tomorrow, we plan to have a great day in Salzburg going to shops and a little water park before seeing Harry Potter tomorrow night (earlier than in the states!!).
With love from Salzburg!


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