Posted by: 2girls2europe | July 14, 2011

These Are a Few of My Favorite [Salzburg] Things (Pun Intended)

Dearest Readers,

We haven’t posted a real blog in nearly two days. That is the longest we have ever gone. Are you freaking out? Can you sleep at night? Well don’t worry, we’re here now; your tender hearts can rest easy!

Just the Beauty of Salzburg...Whaaat?

We were just having so much fun in Salzburg that we didn’t have time to post. Here are the highlights:

The Sound of Music Pavilion. That’s right, people. You know the legendary pavilion where Louisa and her to-be-Nazi lover sang “I am 16 going on 17…” and the two teenage lovebirds galavanted, lept, and finally surreptitiously kissed in the rain? (If you haven’t, Google it now you uncultured fool … or just watch the video I’ve embedded below) But back to my poing I have seen this very pavilion.

And, as I’m sure you expected, I had a photo shoot with said pavilion … and even though I was in public and many a stranger passed with a look of disdain, I sang their love song solo while dancing and leaping around the outside of the locked pavilion pretending to be Louisa. (It’s recorded, and I will post it as soon as we figure out how to upload videos from the camera.)

The pavilion from afar!

This pavilion made me think of watching The Sound of Music mesmerized as a small child at my grandparents’ house with my Grammy. So I dedicate my dance to her! (I know she would have joined in if she had been traveling with me!)

Playground Zipline. The Sound of Music Pavilion is located in a gorgeous garden in Salzburg called Hellbrunn. It’s full of hedges trimmed in delicate circular patterns and large murky pools filled with wide-eyed fish.

A mature visitor would probably appreciate the garden, but when have Gina and I ever acted our age? Instead, we located a playground loaded with funnery (yes, Dr. Hodson, my dearest advisor, I made up that word … hee hee).

But seriously, it had full body basket swings, tire swings, small wooden play houses and best of all, a zipline. Even though the playground was laden with small scampering children, we did our duty and tested out every piece of equipment (you know, to make sure it was safe for the children … we are thoughtful like that).

The zipline was wicked (wicked meaning freaking fun as opposed to wicked meaning evil or deathlike). By launching ourselves off of a small bench, we could soar through the air, as long as we kept our legs straight so they wouldn’t touch the ground (and yes, in case you were wondering, it was not a good day to wear a dress, but don’t think that stopped me).

We switched off zip lining with a small girl, a child who the piece of equipment was actually meant for, and I think we gained her respect. Or maybe she just mistook us for taller than average playmates. The world may never know.

Beaching in the Alps. Oh yes folks, you read that correctly. Through the help of our fabulous host Felix and his girlfriend Stephanie, we found Lake Fuschl. A half hour bus ride from town, the lake seems other-worldly.

The Beach!!

The clear blue water is surrounded by tall, forested mountain/hills. It seems so isolated, I have to believe that it was only discovered by accident. I picture some tired explorer was like, “I’ll climb this here Alp. Wait. Hold up. Is that a lake amongst the Alps? Or is that a mere mirage?” It is really real.

For 4.50 euro, we gained access to not only the beach but a pool, locker room and a water slide. Baller. The water, as you may have guessed, was frigid. I think Gina and I must have looked like frozen, lanky icicles as we swam. But Gina and I have never been the girls who only go the beach to sunbathe (where is the fun in that?).

Plus, if you swam out far enough, they had anchored a dock with two diving boards in the lake. We, or rather I should say I, cannonballed like a champion off of said diving boards.

I also tried out the tall, winding blue water slide. And though it moved at the slow pace of 1 mile per hour, I enjoyed myself. I mean, I was in a lake positioned in the most beautiful mountain valley in Austria … how could I not enjoy myself?

I should note that it poured down rain as we left, but it didn’t really start to pour until we were safely on the bus back. Winning!

(Gina: Jessie’s too nice to mention the fact that we also witnessed some of the most grotesque bodily forms outside of the Ringling brothers circus there. We saw a man covered with grizzly bear hear, old woman boobs, and some hunk-a-chunk children that probably skip gym class with “headaches” most days.)

There were many other wonderful things about Salzburg such as watching movies (Megamind and Inglorious Basterds) with Felix and Stephaine, unexpectedly seeing the double feature of Harry Potter at midnight in English (see Gina’s post!), and walking along the river humming “The hills are alive with the sound of music,” but this post has gone on long enough already.

Needless to say, Gina and I fell in love with Salzburg. And we fell hard this time (probably my second favorite city behind Edinburgh, tied with Dresden), but now we are on our way to Geneva (aka our longest train ride … 8 hours)!

We can’t wait to see what the Swiss have in store.

With love from Salzburg and nearly Geneva!


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