Posted by: 2girls2europe | July 25, 2011

The English Language, The USD, and a Hairdryer or What I Miss With One Week Left

Dearest Readers,

So we have less than one week left. Six days to be specific. And if we could sum up how we feel right now in one word, I can safely say that mine would be tired.

Don’t get me wrong, this trip has been amazing and exhilarating, but it has also been exhausting.

For six weeks, we we have lived as perpetual tourists. We live out of backpacks, buy only 3 days worth of groceries at a time, and never leave the house without a map.

We don’t ever quite fit in. Just as one place starts to feel a bit like home, we move to the next one. And that is starting to get old.

Again, I don’t want this post to sound negative. Like, “wah wah wah, I am backpacking through Europe, pity me,” but I want it to be realistic.

I hate when people go on amazing trips and all they do is sugarcoat it and act as if no problems ever happened and they had the time of their life 24/7. We love it here, but we also have bad days and tired days. And we are ready to head home soon.

This is me, in Geneva, loving it, but about to lift off to fly away home!

Today Gina asked me what is the first thing I can’t do in Europe that I am looking forward to doing when I get home.

Gina voted that the first home-related thing she is going to do is watch crappy television and call people on her phone (international rates are the worst). I voted that I am just going to walk around my neighborhood and say hello to everyone I already know in English, then I am going to wash my clothes and use an actual dryer so they shrink back to normal size. It is going to be magical.

Her question really got me thinking, so I have compiled the following list of things I am looking forward to when I get home (other than actual people of course, because that list would be way too long):

1. My mom’s cooking, my stepdad’s baking/cooking, and my dad’s grilling. Especially Mexican food. They don’t have that much in Europe. And it would be nice to know what’s actually going into the food I am eating as opposed to ordering off of the French/German/Czech menu and praying that what I have ordered does not include gelatinous meat.

2. Being in the same timezone as my boyfriend and all those that I miss in Athens and throughout the East Coast. I can actually talk to them at a normal people hour! Huzzah! And on the phone if I want! I might even text them! I’m clearly living the American dream.

3. The following appliances/furniture: a dishwasher, a dryer, a hairdryer, a toaster, a toilet that doesn’t flush with a button, my laptop, and most of all, MY BED AND MY PILLOW. It will be mine all mine, and no Gina will try to sleep cuddle me in the night (she doesn’t do it on purpose, I assure you).

4. Speaking to people in English. Seriously. The number of times that I have said “danke” (German for thank you) even though I am in France is astounding. Keeping track of several languages is quite the conundrum.

5. The U.S. Dollar. I never thought I would miss George quite so much! I just want to stop having to convert in my brain to try to figure out how much I am spending.

6. Driving my car and blaring my music (yes, it will probably be country music, feel free to judge me). I am going to drive myself places, and I won’t use any metros/trains/planes/cabs/buses … Tra La La!

There are more things I look forward to being, such as “not being emotionally and physically drained” and “not feeling on edge all of the time,” but they are more emotional and therefore harder to explain (and less fun).

But, never fear dearest readers, while I look forward to a lot, I still have one week left and I don’t plan to wallow. This week is going to be full of Strasbourg/Paris/London fun times. My plan is to throw myself into this week with all that I have. I want to relish it and live it up and exhaust myself further. A bonus is the more time I spend running around, the faster home apporaches.

And I am so close to home I can almost taste it (no seriously, I am like picturing my mom’s chicken and cheese enchiladas in my mouth right now).

With love from Strasbourg.


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