Hey readers,

So hopefully you are as jazzed about following Jessie and me through Europe as we are. We thought you might want to get a little look at us (but not in a creepy way), so here we are. The place where Jessie and I get to act a little narcissistic and talk about ourselves…which we HATE doing, of course. We will include what we find most interesting first, and then we are going to list the boring things that supposedly you need to know. (Need to know? We would like to start with what you obvi want to know). And then, we will explain what the heck this blog actually is and who we have to thank for its creation.

And when you are done here, you will for sure want more info on us. So check out our frequently asked questions (which we definitely did not make up just for the fun of answering … that would be silly).

About Gina

I, Gina Theweena Edwards, am tall. Not like a monster or an ogre, but let’s just say I can always reach the top shelf of the cupboard. This might seem like a weird adjective to throw out first, but if you saw me, it would be your first thought. Then you would ask me if I played basketball in high school. No, I didn’t. (Also, I did not play volleyball. Yes, yes it’s a shame.)

I have a slightly eccentric way about me. I like my volume on intervals of 5, think yellow Skittles taste like Pine Sol and cannot sleep wearing socks. In the course of one day, friends have called me quirky, stubborn, manic, morbid, bubbly, cynical, crazy and sadistic. But never boring.

Anyhow. As a novice at everything and expert at nothing, I love all things new and tend to fail at most of them at least the first time. Photography? Tennis? Driving? Reading?  Kindergarten art? Tumbling? Walking in heels? I can feign adequacy in all of these areas.

I’m also fluent in sleep-talking, pig Latin, Spanglish and would really like to pick up Parseltongue by the time I die.  I also speak the language of love. (Call me if you dare!)

So this is me. If you read on, I promise nothing short of nonsensical hilarity, insulting pontification and maybe a little glimmer of profundity or something. As a forewarning, I will most assuredly offend you, crack corny jokes (which you may not get), ramble like a dementia-ridden grandparent or make little sense. Phew. My future conscience feels better.

All jokes aside, I must say: without words—the ability to read them, write them, incense people with them, and induce laughter by them, I might die. And without the means to hop on a plane and escape my familiar world even briefly, I might not truly live. These two needs bring me to this blog and this experience.

2 girls 2 Europe starts now.

About Jessie

I'm smirking at chu

My name is Jessie Cadle, and if you could peg me as one clichéd quote, it would be “I am here to live out loud.” And let me tell you, that is not always the safest way to live. It’ll land you in a gooey vat of embarrassment. I now have a mental picture of me walking this creaking, wooden plank and diving giant vat of embarrassment filled with sticky buns. Oh em gee, that would suck to clean out of my hair.

I tend to ramble in case you didn’t already get that vibe. I punctuate my rambling sentences not with commas, periods or semicolons, but with flailing limbs and parentheticals. I am a lanky lady, who doesn’t see the sense in keeping my arms at my sides when they could be waving about awkwardly and feverishly. I also have a wide variety of fascinating and occasionally freakish facial expressions. It comes from spending my childhood trying to be Lucille Ball. It’s too bad you won’t see them in print. I’ll post pictures.

I see things through a humor-tinged lens. I just spent five minutes trying to think of what color a humor-tinged lens would be. For some reason, I just keep thinking poop-colored. I don’t know what that tells you about me. That I have eighth grade boy humor? In my defense, so does Gina.

In this blog, I will share nonsensical thoughts with you! Doesn’t that sound intriguing! If you stay long enough to hear them, my comments will have a pinch of positivity, a dash of nerd, and a huge helping of humorous. To clarify, humorous is not the same as a humerus, which is a bone in your forearm. Unless of course, your humerus is your funny bone, in which case it is a humorous humerus.

I itch for adventure but am frightened to leave the delicate pages of my color-coded planner. I hope this trip will force me to break free of the chains of my type A personality. I am currently the girl who can sleep only when I have done my fifty crunches, the lights are out, and the fan is on to cancel out all other noise. I also have to sleep with socks on. Suck it, Gina. Now, I have to be the girl who can sleep in hostels with, heaven forbid, other people, who snore, slurp, or make other grotesque nightly sounds. I guess I just have to tell myself to get over it or live without sleep for six weeks.

Instead of a chronicle of my travels, this may become a journal of my survival. If I don’t make it back, bury me in silence with my books, and make sure at my funeral that everyone wears pastels, eats ice cream and makes no slurping sounds.

The Facts about Us

Gina and Jessie are both enrolled in the Ohio University Honors Tutorial College (HTC) majoring in journalism. Gina has a spanish minor and Jessie has a political science minor and law specialization. Gina will be a senior (and will subsequently spend this year toiling over a thesis), while Jessie will be a junior (and will subsequently spend the year in denial of the fact that she is now an upperclassmen). Gina is involved with Backdrop Magazine (the culture mag) and works at the HTC house doing media related activity. Jessie is involved with The Post (OU’s student newspaper), Thread Magazine (the fashion mag), OU Improv and works at the HTC house under Gina’s supervision. (Gina is a good boss Jessie thinks because she allows for ample tea breaks…and consequent pee breaks). They both enjoy the Athens Farmers Market and dancing down the Athens Bricks. (Jessie made that second one up, but rest assured that they both would like to do that).

What is this blog?

Well, hopefully the name helps you get the general vibe. We are two girls, 20 and 21, travelling to Europe for six weeks from June 19 to July 31. We will be journeying through the following countries: England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany, the Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland and France. We will be documenting how we did it and what we think of it while we are doing it.

Who is this blog for? 

Our moms mostly. That is a half joking/half serious response. This blog is for those who want to track our progress, for those who wish they were with us, for those who have been there and can smile and nod and for those planning to travel who are looking for advice. We will be receiving journalism credit for maintaining this blog and creating a documentary of our journeys.

How do the posts work?

We will be posting reviews and observations of our favorite things in each country. These will be longer blogs that we post twice or so a week. The daily blogs are created by the imaginative juices of Gina and Jessie.

Mocha Monday: Every monday we will find a way to coffee. (I’m sure we will have it on other days, but we will tell you the best place we found it that week or where we found it that monday)

Touristy Tuesday: What is the most touristy thing we have done this week.

Wacky Sighting Wednesday: What is the cray craziest thing we witnessed this week.

Thirsty Thursday: Best drink of the week. (we’re boozing it up … don’t worry it’s legal!)

Faux Pas Friday: What is the biggest cultural uh-oh that we have done or we have witnessed this week.

We Speak Stupid Saturday: Dumbest thing we have said all week.

Sassy Sunday: Our biggest sassy explosion at someone/each other/humanity of the week.

Who We Have to Thank For Everything:

We are so blessed to have this opportunity. (This is the part where we have to be serious, because these people seriously helped us a ton). First, we both want to thank our parents for their help/research/support/affection/funding/general awesomeness. Second, we want to thank our advisor Dr. Thomas Hodson, the director of WOUB and former Director of the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism at OU. He helped us find our voice, so we could give it to you, and he is meeting with us virtually to help this blog’s maintenance. Next, we want to thank the Honors Tutorial College and the E.W. Scripps School of Journalism. They both supported our venture in different ways: one monetarily, the other with a camera (and an international charger). Jessie wants to thank her boyfriend for having to hear about this whole trip and still being amazing and supportive. We want to thank everyone we are staying with for housing us and therefore putting up with us for multiple days, and everyone who helped us find those we are housing with (especially the Bartlett family who helped Jessie in all sorts of ways and Tom Wagener who helped with the planning at all levels). We also want to thank everyone who met up with us for dinner/drinks/tours. Finally, we want to thank everyone reading this. If we were writing this for no one, we may cry. But seriously, thanks so much and please comment as much as possible.


  1. Gina and Jessie, I can’t wait to read your blog. You know I have to live precariously through you young gals. Have fun and be safe!!! Kathy

  2. I’m impressed Gina and Jessie, an entertaining read and the adventure hasn’t even started. I will follow with interest and relive my travels through yours.

  3. Gina and Jessie, you two sound like really fun gals. Enjoying your entertaining blog!

  4. You seem to be sooooo nice! And what I liked most of all is your abundant, pecky and humerus))) language!

  5. Great stuff. I was looking for blogs on Dresden when I found you. If you ever want to do any travel blogging over at http://www.SayGudday.com then we’d love to have you. Keep traveling!

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